Migrating to another country for higher education, job, business expansion, or joining your family, requires various kinds of preparations. Obtaining the required visa and other formalities can take time and effort. Though the application forms appear easy, language proficiency alone cannot help you fill them.  It is best to hire a visa consultant for your overseas applications. People are often apprehensive about hiring consultants because of several misunderstandings. Safety of documents and privacy are the major concerns. Being a leading migration consultant in Dubai, we guarantee you that your immigration process will be secure and smooth. What are the benefits of hiring a consultant? Here’s a guide for you

Choosing the Correct Category

The first step in your application process is figuring out the type of visa. You need to apply for the right category depending on the purpose of your visit. Applying in the wrong category will not only lead to application rejection but also a loss of time and money. A visa consultant will ensure that you apply in the correct category. There are multiple visas for students, business persons, employees, and more. It can be confusing. An immigration expert can help you in such situations.

Preparing the Application Form

A visa application undergoes multiple verifications and scrutinization. You need to prepare it in the proper method to avoid rejection. An expert visa consultant will guide you through filling the application form, preparing the required letters and undertakings, paying fees, and booking appointments. Arranging your documents in the right order and submitting the application at the given time is crucial. A consultant will ensure that these are done.

Necessary Documents

You need to attach several documents, ID proofs, and medical records such as TB report. An expert visa consultant can guide you through this quickly and easily. Obtaining updated documents and filing them the right way can be difficult without assistance. A visa consultant can ensure that your application is complete, all the documents are properly attached, and the application submission happens within the standard time. A consultant will inform you of the details of the required documents. You will be updated about the application status as well.

Legal Aspects

An applicant must be aware of the legal aspects involved in the application process.  Fluency in the English language alone will not help if a confusing situation arises. Presenting yourself before government officials can be difficult. You can go through the procedures easily with the support of an expert team

Corrections/Changes in the Application

Sometimes you might have to alter some details after the submission of an application, such as marital status, employment, and others. Making a change requires various levels of document verifications. A visa consultant can take you through these procedures with ease.

Resubmissions of Appeals

In case of a rejection, applicants can go for an appeal. Appealing a visa decision, however, is not an easy task. It requires time, money, and effort. You need the support of an expert legal team for the same. A visa consultancy will represent you before the officials and assist you in filing an appeal. You will be updated on the status and the consultant can help you get a visa on suitable grounds.

Immigration rules are constantly changing. Post-Pandemic, the rules have undergone several changes. Taqween Consultancy is the solution to all your immigration concerns. We guarantee that your personal and professional information will be safe with us. Your visa application process will be smooth and comfortable with us. Apply now for a free consultation.