The United Kingdom is a dreamland for quite many tourists and immigrants alike. This land of opportunities is an island country of historical importance and comprises modern countries like England, Wales, Scotland, and parts of Northern Ireland. Even after various speculations and confusions around the matter of Brexit, UK lacks no shortage of immigration demand and continues to mesmerize the world with its richness and glory. You might want a UK Visa for personal, professional, and educational needs, and for each requirement the process is different. Similarly, rules do change based on the country you are applying from. Visa application is a crucial stage and should be dealt with, with the utmost care, for your request could be rejected for the simplest of reasons.

Brexit: Crisis or Opportunity??!!!

Following Brexit, the United Kingdom has a new immigration system from 1 January 2021. Freedom of movement between the UK and EU has ended and Britain has now implemented a points-based immigration system that treats EU and non-EU citizens equally. Immigration routes are now open for applications to work, live and study. One can apply and pay for visas online and should be ready with your biometric information to complete formalities.  Under this new system, anyone coming to the UK for work must meet a specific set of requirements for which will gain points. Visas are then awarded to those who achieve enough points. On the other hand, as per the new student visa application system, candidates shall apply six months before the course commences. Additionally, the government has launched a graduate visa scheme that allows staying back for a period of two years (three years for Ph.D. candidates) after course completion.

Visa Rejection

A major hurdle on your dream journey is the rejection of your visa application. The British Immigration Office could reject your visa request for a plethora of reasons. It is always better to understand the common mistakes to overcome such silly errors. Notable mentions are as follows,

  1. If the purpose of the visit does not match with the visa category applied for – There are several visa categories. Some are too similar and applicants often get confused. You need to select the category carefully.
  2. Incomplete form – Filling an application form sounds simple, but filling a visa application form is no cakewalk.
  3. Any case of false, mismatch, or fraudulent documentation – All the documents need to be proper and up to date.
  4. Disordered arrangement of documents – Appropriate filing of documents is necessary
  5. Insufficient funds for the proposed UK trip – You need to submit proof that you can support yourself and your dependents (if any) while in the UK. The requirement varies according to your visa category.
  6. Preceding case of deportation, if any.
  7. Concealment of criminal record, if any.
  8. Lack of a valid passport or any other travel document.
  9. If a biometric scan, photograph, or medical report of the applicant does not abide by the terms and conditions of UK visa regulations.


Language difficulties often trouble immigrants during the visa application process. You need to meet the prescribed English requirements to get a visa. Additionally, applicants find it difficult to communicate with government officials. Having a grasp of the language alone doesn’t help. Accent differences trouble applicants. Moreover, the procedures can be pressure-giving. An experienced consultancy firm can help you with this.

Why an immigration consultant?

Visa application is a meticulous process and taking professional help is always advisable. These things may look easy but are not as simple as it appears. Lack of expert guidance might result in loss of time, money, energy, and most importantly opportunities which wait for none. Documents for visa application differ from person, nationality, and purpose of immigration. Your request could be outrightly rejected for the simple reason of the wrong compilation of documents other than the prescribed format. Taking help from a family friend or distant relative in the UK alone will not solve this issue, especially as visa rules changes periodically and hence should be thoroughly followed.

The aforementioned reasons for visa rejection are just the tip of the iceberg and there are plenty more beneath it. Once your application is rejected it also means that you have to wait for a period of a further six months before making another visa request. Hence it is best to hire an immigration consultant – a one-stop solution for all your visa-related troubles. Consultancy firms have immense experience and up-to-date knowledge regarding all visa-related queries.

What Do Consultancies Provide?

Peculiar needs of the client whether student or working professionals are looked into.

Your application and documents are scrutinized and the feasibility of the same will be checked. After consultation with the client, necessary modifications are brought out for positive results.

You will be instantly updated with the progress of your visa application and will be asked for your direct physical presence only when demanded by the visa approval authorities.

Moreover, consultancies stand by your side and support you in every possible case of an obstacle, that too in any stage of the process.

Why Us?

We take full responsibility for this project from making the visa application until you achieve what you desired for – the UK visa. Our crew of experienced consultants and legal team will help you cross the English Channel comfortably. Nothing comes for free in the modern world and thus applicants will be charged with a reasonable rate of commission once they receive the visa. Dream, and make them into reality…!!