Innovator Visa

At Taqween Consultancy, we are dedicated to matching foreign applicants with pre-vetted start-ups that meet the UK Government’s criteria of being innovative, viable, and scalable. Each listed venture is seeking to raise funds and to grant the applicant an equity stake in the business and integrate the applicant into the founding team.

The Taqween Legal team work closely with foreign applicants to assess their qualifications, experience, and skill-set, and then either introduce them to a UK partner with a venture ready to launch, or search for another suitable option commensurate with their interests and background.

Main Benefits

The main benefits of the UK Innovator route are:

Capital outlay can be depending upon applicant (can we discussed during the consultation), including the equity investment and all legal, professional and government fees.

Apply for permanent residency as early as 36th month after arriving in the UK.
It allows the applicant to earn some employment income from the UK start-up over those 36 months.
Engages the applicant for at least 15+ hours per week in some dedicated work in support of the business. Government processing time is typically between 2-4 weeks.
Less expensive alternative to the Tier 1 Investor route.