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  • Taqween Consultancy DMCC provide you the solution to your Citizenship and immigration matters that will give you the possible chance of success. We are passionate about giving everyone an equal and fair opportunity to have their application submitted in the best and most effective way and guide our clients through the process of Immigration law. As immigration consultants, we understand the complexities faced by people who require visa services and Immigration Advice. Our team will guide you through every step of the process and make sure you are satisfied. We pride ourselves in offering a complete customized Immigration services and solutions. Our purpose is simple to guide and support you in the pursuit of the long-term freedom flexibility and security that comes with diversifying your residence and citizenship portfolio.
  • We are a team of passionate professionals & experienced lawyers in the immigration industry since 2013, We are committed to providing the best service in the market as the most talented individuals, as well we have the fastest procedures ever performed.
  • Taqween is an Arabic origin name which means in English " formation", basically the idea came from the way of processing the immigration cases which is step by step process. A step will form the full passage and it always starts with one step towards future.


Our legal team has the proven expertise to assess you with a free assessment of your profile to determine which UK visa program is most suited to your professional or business background. Some of the most popular UK visa programs include the Overseas Business Representative Program and the Innovator visa required a £50,000 investment, and an approval from the Endorsement Bodies.


Taqween Consultancy team considered the most talented in the immigration industry, our concepts & success factors are trust, professionalism, accuracy, speed of performance, and this concept will right away lead to the success we aim for.

Client satisfaction is one of the most important factors to keep maintaining your success and reputation, this is why we involve our client in process through our online advance technology.

System to keep the applicants posted and always updated about their cases, so we can break all barriers between us & the clients then automatically we turn in to the comfort zone, this is when we can say that we have a perfect and solid client’s base and the needed trust.

We are a bunch of optimistic people willing to take risks, implant new ideas, think out of the box, we are planning for expansion all over the world starting Turkey, Egypt, Ireland…etc.

We are sure that we can do it to be the best and the most unique, the most famous for a world with no borders.




Our skilled team drills into details in every single corner of the applicant situation, and conducts much time and effort in all initial stages making sure to cover all needed legal requirements for each selected program, yet all done In parallel of time efficiency and punctuality. TAQWEEN CONSULTANCY advisor will be one of your family members until you feel HOME